IDEXX is in the business of discovery. When a veterinarian asks if an animal needs treatment, we show her. When a farmer needs to know if his livestock are healthy, we let him know. For us to be successful, we rely on the most sophisticated technologies to guide the way.

That’s where you come in.

We are seeking the brightest technologists to help us keep people and animals happy and healthy. Are you ready to become part of the IDEXX story?

System Engineer R&D

Scott O'Donnell

Systems Engineer, R&D Instruments

I get excited knowing that the projects I work on are on the cutting edge of the industry. I love to learn. Being on the instrument development team allows me to constantly grown and build across my skill sets. 

Why IDEXX? There are a bunch of reasons! I went to school with a passion for life science. Now I get to have a career in the field in my hometown. I have a golden retriever named Wilson. My vet uses IDEXX in-house diagnostics - the same ones I test. Because of where I work and the equipment my vet uses, I have the upmost confidence that Wilson is getting the best care he can recieve. In the end, I don't just get to see the product go out the doo, I see the results first hand up close and "personal".


Dita Vyslouzilova

Development Manager Animana

The Animana team has a software platform that makes a difference to the lives of pets and vets. IDEXX, although a global corporate presence, is entrepreneurial. I have an empowering boss, an innovative and interesting software platform, and a pure, fully-formed software group of 30 who click as a team.

The team has 17 different nationalities and I consider them like family. We have things like monthly movie night, BBQ’s and monthly socials such as a canal party boat in Amsterdam that we take turns to organize! 


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