Implementation Specialist
FAQ's and a guide to the role
“Looking for a new adventure and new ways to use your skills? As an implementation specialist, you will be challenged to learn new things both about veterinary businesses and yourself as you travel to different places and experience different views.
​​​​​​​You will learn project management alongside the more technical side of how a business runs and how you can become their trusted advisor. This is all while working with a collaborative and supportive team.”

– Camille, Implementation Special Forces

​​​​​​​A day in the life

Join the journey

In Office:

When in office, your attention will be split across your portfolio of implementations, all at various stages of their implementation process.

You'll need to be an expert planner, multitasker and project manager in order to prioritise, organise and spread your time and attention effectively across your projects!

Your day may consist of hosting webinars, catching up with your clinics by Zoom/Teams meetings and responding through tickets. Also collaborating with other implementers, and the other departments, sales, conversions and development teams. You’ll work to direct them on the best way to have the software enhance their business experience. Our customers and their experience is a priority.

Onsite: In Clinic:

It's never a quiet day when you're in clinic. Clinics don't close during go live week, so you still have pets in the waiting room, surgeries happening, patients dropping in! Our Implementation Specialists must take on every challenge and do what they do best –provide exceptional service to our customers and make their onboarding as smooth as possible.

About the role
Implementation Specialists manage the project after Sales has a signed contract from a clinic and there is an agreed upon Go-Live date.The implementation team own the project until they hand it over to our 24/7 Support team.

Overview of a projects path: Sales ➡️ Implementation ➡️ Support

Directing and training our veterinary customers (both remotely via webinars and on-site in person) to make their businesses more efficient using our suite of software solutions, ezyVet and Vet Radar.
From scoping the customer’s needs, training the client how to configure their environment to ‘go live’ and up to 4 weeks post go live training. They are project managers, trainers, and savvy problem solvers. Managing a portfolio of on average 10 projects that are in flight.

Veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes want to enhance the quality of animal healthcare and our Implementation Specialists are the instruments that make this happen!

How does it work?

If you're successful in our process, we'll send through a full document outlining the ins and outs of the Implementation Commission structure –but here is some of the high level.

Commission is based around project quality, closure requirements, enterprise key account time and material work. There is also the possibility to earn commission off scoping and referring work for yourself or the team.

  • Commission percentage is based on the revenue of each project.
  • Fixed percentage for commission increases based on length of service.
  • There is an initial onboarding period before you become eligible.
  • The company is excited to share this with the specialists!

Travel is a huge part of the implementer role. Getting onsite with customers when they stop using their current software and begin with ezyVet is a critical part of a project to deliver success.

When you travel, we look to make things comfortable, safe, and a clean place to call home while assisting our clients. You could be traveling alone and staying in a hotel or with a group and in an Airbnb. When in an Airbnb there are shared restroom and kitchen spaces. You will always have your own bedroom. We also use Ubers, Lyft and rental cars.

There are some instances that we will need you to travel on the weekends. This is not part of the project time, of 40 hrs for a 5 day onsite. Every so often you may need to pick up a last-minute trip –if a colleague is sick or something in the schedule changes. This doesn't happen often!

The travel aspect is probably one of the most challenging and exciting parts of this role - you'll need to have a serious think about whether this lifestyle is one for you. Some people thrive off the pace and the challenge (we want you!), whereas others don’t.

Have a plan to be away from your family, pets and plants for 50% of the time, that is 2, sometimes 3 weeks per month. Typically, you'll know your schedule 2-3 months in advance so you can plan!

Not everything goes to plan when we travel so you need to be prepared for the unexpected.


ezyVet is part of the IDEXX family! This means we have IDEXX benefits. A benefits booklet should have been sent with this document to give you a snapshot of what those look like.

Corporate Card for Travel Expenses

We pay for all your travel, and breakfast, lunch and dinner while you are away! You also get the chance to fly all over the States and Canada for work.


You will be provided with both a company laptop and a cell phone to use for the duration of your time with us.


Weekly social hour and quarterly social events.


Performance reviews every 6 months and annual pay reviews.

Moving forward in our process:

We have a couple different stages to our interview process –it's important to us that we find the best of the best for our roles!

We'll likely ask for your references early in the process – this is because we like to make sure everything is in line for the next steps. We understand that you may not want to give your current manager as a reference (we respect that you may not have told them you're looking, and we don't want to be the ones to break the news), so make sure you give us people you're comfortable in us contacting. Here you can see our key players.

Our Implementation Team Leaders:







Our Managers:




So, What's Next?

Moving forward in our process:
- We're looking forward to meeting you across the next stages of our process!
- Make sure you prepare any questions you may like to ask us.

Talk to you soon!