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Congratulations on making it through to the next stage of the ezyVet journey! You see potential in a career with ezyVet and we certainly see potential in you! To make the most of this opportunity we’ve prepared an intro to ezyVet, something that will really help you get to know us a bit better and prepare you for the conversations ahead.

ezyVet is growing at a fast pace, no two days are the same and you will be challenged like you’ve never been before. If you’re a team player, a go getter and want to be part of building something great, come join the journey.

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About ezyVet

We’re a global veterinary Practice Management solution, hell-bent on making a difference to the animal health industry. Our cloud-based software transforms the way our customers run their practice.

ezyVet was founded in 2006 in consultation with some of the world’s leading vets. ezyVet set a goal to create the smartest, most powerful all-in-one cloud-based Veterinary Practice Information Management System (PIMS) solution. With a fast-growing team where system, feature requests are taken seriously, users vote on what’s important and ezyVet builds and ships improvements at pace. ezyVet offers a 24/7 support service included in any subscription and has a large team who are rapidly available electronically or by telephone to assist all customers. Rich integrations offer added value from various technologies that can “talk” in real time through the cloud. Integrations include XERO, Smart Flow, Product Distributors, Reference Diagnostic Laboratories, Diagnostic Equipment, Cloud PACs solutions, Third party apps, Analytics/Dashboarding solutions and marketing solutions. From 2016 ezyVet released an open API, creating a platform for data access and integration more powerful than the veterinary world has ever seen.

In June 2021, ezyVet shifted up a gear by becoming powered by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., a US Nasdaq listed company and a member of the S&P 500, who are innovators in the veterinary space. Also, Vet Radar, another kiwi grown gem, came under the fold to now sit within ezyVet. Vet Radar is the only fully mobile-responsive veterinary electronic treatment sheet, whiteboarding, and workflow tool. Together they join IDEXX’s other high quality pet healthcare diagnostic and software products and services. By joining the IDEXX family ezyVet will bring its next-generation software offering to their network of customers and beyond at pace, propelling forward to be the market leader in cloud-based PIMS.
Our Mission
"We are here to develop and distribute disruptive technology that
innovates, automates, and changes the Veterinary market globally."

Our people

Darryn - General Manager
Darryn Pegram is a former veterinarian with a passion for innovation and product development in the animal health space. With a strong background working in large US animal health companies and five years of veterinary practice experience under his belt, Darryn brings expertise from both sides of the table to his role at ezyVet. 

Darryn first crossed paths with ezyVet in the early days of the company, serving on the Vet Radar Advisory Board and advising on ezyVet Go. Darryn later joined ezyVet as General Manager after its acquisition by IDEXX. 

Outside of the office, Darryn enjoys spending time outdoors, and he and his family can often be found hiking or ocean swimming.

"It is such a privilege to work at ezyVet.  We make more impact on the lives of pets and vets around the world than any other company I can think of.  Being able to do that from Auckland while generating exciting careers for so many people here and around the world is hugely gratifying."
Sophie - Product Owner
Nine years ago, Sophie Griffiths was a swim teacher in her hometown in Melbourne, Australia. When her mother, Vet and owner of a small animal general practice called ‘313 Vets’ in Hawthorn begun their journey with ezyVet, Sophie was there helping her mum with the transition. Conversation arose that ezyVet was hiring, around the same time that Sophie had started to look for a new opportunity – one that didn’t confine her to a chlorinated pool. Sophie was told she should apply, and before she knew it, she was off to Auckland, New Zealand to begin her career with ezyVet.

Eight years later, Sophie is celebrating another anniversary in the ezyVet family. The best thing about it, Sophie says is that she can look back and say “remember when”.

"I love a good puzzle and ezyVet presents me with them regularly. One of the best things about this job is changing a clinic or hospital’s business in a such a major way. We’re changing the world of veterinary medicine, and whilst not all our customers can see it at first, the amount of positive feedback we get is overwhelming. Seeing the excitement on clinic staff’s faces when we can help simplify a 60 minute process into 20 minutes is so satisfying."

Hunor - Data Development Manager
Hunor is ezyVet’s UK Data Development Manager. A natural-born logician, Hunor is passionate about solving complex problems through data and technology. 

Hunor joined ezyVet three ago in search of new challenges and the opportunity to do more hands-on work with cloud architecture. He started as a Data Engineer in the UK data team, a small but high-performing unit made up of just two people.

In the year that followed, the business grew rapidly, new opportunities emerged, and Hunor transitioned into a leadership role. The team has since tripled in size and now plays an integral role in helping new customers migrate to ezyVet.

"I love that everyone is incredibly motivated to create a better solution for our clients and that produces a lot of great ideas that we can turn into reality."

​​​Industry overview
There are thousands of veterinary practices across the globe, with the most located in North America. The United States and Canada have around 33,000 practices, The United Kingdom 5,000, Australia 2,800 and New Zealand 450 with Asia on the rise.

If you don’t come from the veterinary world, here’s some classifications to help you get a head start:

Emergency: Accident and emergency of the vet world.

Equine: Hopefully, you guessed this one… yep horses.

General Practice: They treat a mixture of small animal, large animal and equine.

Mobile Vets: On the go veterinary clinics usually in a fully kitted out trailer.

Specialist: Just like a specialist found in human healthcare, i.e.. surgery, radiology and cardiology.

Companion Animal: Our fluffy family member, such as a cat or a dog!

Our promise
  • Empowering you to drive your own performance so that you can own and control your success

  • A real sense of the career opportunity, it’s there waiting for you to grab it, if you put yourself in the end-zone

  • Transparent, fair and objective
    decision making, keeping you in the loop and part of the process
  • Clear expectations so you have the confidence to focus on the right things
Work Perks
10% Contribution to your
​​​​​​​Pension Scheme
Private Medical Insurance and
Life Insurance
24/7 Access to Employee
​​​​​​​Assistance Program
Maternity and Paid Parental Leave
Annual Eye Care Voucher
5 Weeks Annual Leave