Guide to Acing your
Cold Call Scenarios

We’re excited to have you interviewing with us!
We want to set you up for success as much as possible, so here are our top tips for acing your cold call scenarios.
Cold Calling
What is it?

Cold calling is a sales technique where sales reps call potential customers they’ve never interacted with before in the hopes of getting them interested in their product or service.
Cold calling is tough - it’s incredibly difficult to call a stranger out of the blue, quickly engage with them, and successfully pitch your product or service.

A skilled cold caller will eventually develop their own style, but here are a few techniques/tips we recommend while you’re trying to find your footing.
Research & Prepare

Your outreach strategy should always begin with research.

Pre-call research also helps you enter the sales conversation with a better vision and a tailored/personalised message from the get-go to open a better conversation.

Tips & Tricks

  • Research  - The product, customer, competitors and any market trends
  • Write a quick cold call script that you can reference – Not to be read but to be talking points to help direct the conversation
  • Ask open ended questions – Who, what, where, when & how
  • Keep the focus on the customer – Talk about them
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Keep your goal in mind – Be patient
  • Have energy and vary your tone
  • Use real examples/stats/testimonies – Help back up your statements
  • Be assertive and believe in your product – How it can benefit them (make them happy)
  • Stay relaxed and positive – Customers can sense when you are stressed and anxious



"Hello, Samuel. My name is Charles Patterson from Mad2hav marketing. How are you today?"
Connecting Statement
"I've noticed a few ads promoting your new product line, and I feel that you could really improve their effectiveness with a few small tweaks."
"We collaborate with eCommerce companies like yours to develop and manage their ad campaigns. In fact, within the first month, we increased the sales of our client Hill Sports by 30%."
"Do you have time next week where we could schedule a brief call? I'd love to learn more about your marketing needs and share some of the strategies that have proven effective for us."