Guide to Acing
your Interview

We’re excited to have you interviewing with us!
We want to set you up for success as much as possible, so here are our top tips for acing your interview.

Behavioural Interviewing
What is it?

Behavioral interviewing is a technique used by hiring managers to predict how you may respond to scenarios you will encounter in the role. They do this by evaluating your past behavior.

They will ask you about experiences you have encountered in your previous roles, as this will give them insight into how you think, react, and problem solve. A clear, concise answer is key to answering these questions!

S.T.A.R. Method

S - Situation  ➡️  T - Task  ➡️  A - Action  ➡️  R - Results

  • Find an example of a situation you were involved in.
  • Describe the tasks involved in the situation.
  • Explain the actions you took to complete the tasks.
  • Summarise the results.

Following this method will help you keep your answers concise and clear, as well as best demonstrating your skills and experience.

Prior to going into the interview think about which of your experiences/skills are most relevant to the role. Re-read the job advert! Once these are identified you can brainstorm some STAR situations to talk through.

Remember experience can relate to university classes, group projects, internships, extra curriculars, part time jobs. Not just professional experience.

Be specific! Don’t forget to quantify where possible.



"During College I worked part time as a 2IC at a gift store. As a 2IC part of the role was overseeing the team on the shift."
"During peak periods like sales and Christmas, because the store was so busy, often the staff were spread incorrectly around the store leading to customer complaints and increased workload."
"At the start of each shift I started assigning team members to their own ‘area’ of the store which they stuck to, to help customers, tidy and backfill stock as needed."
"Because everyone had their own area, customers were more easily able to find people to help them, reducing complaints, stock got replenished faster and the store stayed tidier."

Common Behavioural Questions

Not saying we’ll ask these, but it’s a starting point:

  • Give an example of a goal you reached and how you got there.
  • Is there a goal you didn’t meet? How did you handle it.
  • Describe a stressful situation you’ve encountered and what you did.
  • When juggling different projects, how did you prioritise?
  • Share an example of how you have motivated team mates or co-workers.

Don’t forget to be yourself! Feel free to come prepped with your own questions, the interview is as much for you as it is for us!