​​​​​​​What Matters
We are partnering with the State of Maine to staff a mobile lab anchored at the State CDC lab in Augusta which has quadrupled the state's current testing capacity.  In order to meet the challenge, we are actively recruiting process for candidates that will conduct molecular RealPCR analysis, in support of the State of Maine’s ongoing COVID-19 testing efforts.  This is an opportunity to use your laboratory skills and expertise to directly assist efforts during this extraordinary public health crisis. We've included some details about the project below. 


What is the duration of this assignment?
We estimate the project will run through spring 2021. However, that may change based on need and other unpredictable factors relative to COVID.
What is the schedule?
Full-time work:
1st Shift: Mon-Fri 7:30a - 3:30p or
2nd Shift: Mon - Fri 2p - 10p

Weekend rotation

Part-time work may be available
What will the team look like?
You'll be part of a team of 5-6 individuals that include 4-5 Lab Techs and 1 Supervisor per shift. This may change as needs change. 
Where will I work?
You will work in a state of the art mobile laboratory, roughly the size of a standard 18 wheeler parked at the CDC site in Augusta, Maine. You'll have access to the CDC facility as well. 
Will we be testing anything other than COVID-19?
No - this assignment is solely focused on conducting PCR testing for COVID-19 only.
Will safety equipment be provided?
Absolutely! We will provide you with the standard PPE that you will need.
What equipment will we be using?
You will be using the KingFisher Flex to clean the DNA/RNA solution and the ABI 7500 Fast Analyzer to do the RealPCR testing.
What is the volume of test we'll run during a shift?
You'll work with multi-channel pipetting to rack up stacks in groups of 96. 

What if I don't currently live in Maine?
That's ok! We are willing to work to help support temporary relocation for the right candidates.
Will we be operating under a CLIA certification?
Yes. There will be a Maine CDC Supervisor present which allows this team to work under their CLIA certification for the duration of this project.
Will there be a background check?
Yes. A successful background check will be required for these roles.
What is the hiring process?
Once you've applied, our recruiting team will be revieiwng applications and reaching out to qualified candidates for an initial screen. Following a successful screen, you will be scheduled for a video interview with the hiring team. If selected, we will present you with an offer. 

IDEXX in the news

Building a partnership On June 8th, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced it is building on its partnership with IDEXX to create a new mobile lab to increase testing capacity.
Leveraging innovation “We saw the need and knew we could do something about it," said Jay Mazelsky, President & CEO, in an interview about our expanded human COVID-19-testing capabilities. 
Developing and Delivering
 In May, our OPTI Medical subsidary was granted Emergency Use Authorization from the US FDA for the OPTI®SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR laboratory test kit for the detection of the virus that causes COVID-19.