We are here to stay. For 40 years, IDEXX has been enhancing the health and well-being of pets, people, and livestock. The diagnostic tests we build help keep animals healthy and our water safe to drink. We're on the S&P 500 and in an industry that continues to grow year over year.

We invest in you! We believe that a diversity of people and perspectives is what makes IDEXX a successful company. Our global teams value collaboration, innovation and initiative. We work hard to make IDEXX an attractive place to work with many benefits, a common purpose, and an inclusive environment where you can grow and develop your career.

What our employees are saying

"I joined IDEXX in 2006 as a temporary employee. I came from a background of computers and instrument repair and landed in ISOL repairing VetTest. I have had many opportunities here at IDEXX, like having the ability to work my way up to Team Lead II. In this process, I have grown with the company with the ability to learn parts of many roles outside of my job, which has shown me the many career options there are at IDEXX."
Team Lead II
"I am a driven person. I am passionate about making an impact. I want everyone to feel valued and believe that they can achieve anything, which is why I love being in a leadership role. I am also a mother to two children. I am so thankful to be working for a company like IDEXX that holds the same values as me, where family comes first. I feel supported to continue to be the best employee and mother I can be."
Quality Supervisor II
"I started at IDEXX in 2007 as a temp, working in R&D. After the team was reassigned, I traveled around the company as a temp, working in the manufacturing and service departments. A full-time position was open in the PC aisle and I applied, having a background in that field from the USMC. My supervisor saw potential in me and worked with me to develop other skills that would help me succeed. Quarterly goals were assigned, and we met consistently."
Team Lead for the OIVL/SnapPro

Safety is our TOP priority

During the pandemic we took precautions as it related to limiting exposure and keeping our employees safe.
Even though things are returning to "normal", we continue to make sure our employees are safe with the right training, tools, resources, and support they need to do the their job as well as a safe, clean, and maintained work environment.

We are an employee first company!

What does that mean for you? Each product line has different work centers set up. Each employee is cross trained in all the work centers for their area. As a trained Production Specialist, you will have variety in your day because you will move throughout your work centers.

This creates more opportunity for our employees to gain a variety of skills, cross train new employees, and decrease opportunity for injury by limiting repetitive tasks as much as possible.

As our R&D teams develop new products, how we produce them may change. Our production teams evalutate what process changes will need to be made and create a strategy for success. You could be part of the R&D process or change the way a work center functions so that we can deliver the new products to scale for our customers.

We help you grow in your career

Helping their employees to develop into the career they want is top of mind for our leaders. We know that great people make us a great company and keeping talented individuals at IDEXX will only make us better. Managers work closely with you to help understand the experiences, education, and skills you bring beyond your current role. Knowing this information allows them to help build a plan that could include:
- Pairing you up with a mentor from different departments - including operations, IT, software, or engineering for example.
- Using a skills matrix to be able to show career pathing opportunities and how you can develop into a new role outside of the team.
- ​​Provide opportunities to be creative, like helping to innovate the ways of using and building the products as R&D presents new solutions​​​​​​​

Your work has real-world impact

As people continue seek out better healthcare for their pets, IDEXX continues to innovate and deliver. That's exactly where you come in. As an employee working with our manufacturing teams, you'll use the latest equipment and technology to help our two and four-legged customers in the best possible way. You'll also help ensure there is clean drinking water for billions of people and farmers will depend on your work to keep their livestock healthy. 

We're a global team of over 10,000 people working towards one common goal - the health and well-being of pets, people, and livestock. 
Manufacturing at IDEXX lives within the Operations Department. Operations also includes roles like Quality Control, Category Managers, System Engineers, and  Chemical Engineers to name a few. One of our biggest growth areas right now is for Manufacturing Production Specialists. 

As a Production Specialist, you perform a variety of manufacturing tasks producing high quality medical diagnostic products while maintaining a clean and safe work environment. You have the opportunity to cross-train in multiple work centers and gain new skills that can help you advance in your career.

The benefits of working at IDEXX

Benefits Eligible
Day 1
​​​​​​​Wellness Programs

5% Employer Match
Reward & Recognition

GiVE Program
2 days a year paid volunteer time
Free Parking & 
On the Bus Line

The work you do matters to pets and people

SNAP Tests

Make a difference, 19 million times a year. 

Our SNAP tests detect many different illnesses in cats, dogs, and horses. The tests you build improve and save the lives of pets around the world. When someone's pet is ill, they want to know what's wrong, right away. That's where you make an impact.

The IDEXX SNAP Test our manufacturing team builds each day gives veterinarians fast, accurate results - right in the office, when it counts.


Save lives in the emergency room. The OPTI Medical critical care business is focused on developing portable instruments for measuring time-sensitive diagnositcs tests like blood gas, electrolyte, and metabolite analyses. 

These analyzers are primarily used in the emergency room, operating room, cardiac-monitoring area, and any location where time-critical diagnostic testing is performed in a hospital. The OPTI analyzers utilize an optical reflectance sensor technology that is very reliable and stable. 
Water Testing Solutions

IDEXX is the global leader in microbiological water testing. Offering solutions for drinking water, waste water, on-premise water and recreational water. Our tests are easy to use. They only take a few steps to set up and the results are ready in less than 18 hours!

Easy, rapid, accurate. 

On-site employees share their day 

We have an ACTIVE
employee community

We have a variety of active communities at all of our worldwide locations. Whether it's music, games or social engagement, volunteering days, there's plenty to do!
Join us and do work 
that matters