IDEXX is a company with big ideas and ambitions – and we know that achieving our goals doesn’t happen with one line of thinking. Collaboration brings different thoughts and perspectives together to help us imagine all the possibilities and do our most creative and forward-thinking work.

Choosing where you want to work is a big decision. There are a number of factors involved – everything from the pay and benefits, the location, to the people you’d be calling your teammates. What matters most to you? If meaningful work and a sense of purpose are at the top of your list, IDEXX is the place for you.

Who we are

Courage To Lead-Idexx Careers

The courage to lead

"When I grow up I want to become a doctor." That was Lily Lu's career objective at the ripe old age of seven. "I remember telling my mom and how supportive she was, saying girls could

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A powerful sign

Being hearing impaired can be a lonely and isolating experience at times.” Meg Tupa-Lo, a medical lab tech in our Elmhurst lab, shares these thoughts during a team huddle using sign language.

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A Place To Call-Idexx Careers

A place to call home

"I’ve always prided myself on being somewhat nomadic – traveling the world working in different leadership positions within HR.” This is how Gio Twigge, our Chief Human Resources Officer, recalls

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My Hometown-Idexx Careers

My Hometown

Every other month, we share stories about where some of our colleagues grew up and how that influences who they are today – in a series we call My Hometown. An excerpt of one such story follows:

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Great benefits

Great Benefits Block1-Idexx Careers

Where wellness is more than words

Did someone say global planking challenge? It took one article on our company intranet – and a spirited challenge from our CEO – to get nearly 1,000 IDEXXers involved. Who ultimately won didn’t matter though. – it’s all about the journey and defining wellness on your own terms.

Great Benefits Block2-Idexx Careers

Work hard, play hard

Who says work can’t be fun and games? When it’s time to add a little levity to the day, IDEXX is the place to be. GEEXX is one of the growing communities within IDEXX that fosters creativity and individualism through social movie and game nights at the Westbrook World Campus.

Career development

Career Development Block1-Idexx Careers

Developing globally

Career development doesn’t have to be a solo project. In fact, two IDEXXers from Livestock, Poultry, and Dairy (LPD) Operations recently completed a joint development plan where they switched roles with each other for two years. The catch: they work in different countries.

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Career Development Block2-Idexx Careers

IDEXXers on the move

The pace at IDEXX can be fast – but we still take time to recognize our colleagues who are taking on new and exciting challenges – both in and outside of the organization. Take Amy Robinson (on the right), an Accounting Specialist at IDEXX, who spends a lot of time out of the

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