What Matters
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IDEXX Pathology is a global team of Veterinary Pathologists who bring experience, dedication and passion to the work we do – because what we do matters. We use our expertise to provide critical diagnostic information to our customers, enabling clinicians and pet owners to make the most informed decisions for the care of their animals. Across IDEXX, there is a contagious energy that inspires caring and committed people to come together to advance the standard of care for the animals we love around the globe.

What Matters.

Community We work as a collaborative team and are supported by a culture of innovation, enabling us to do our best work with 24/7 support.  We partner with universities and governing bodies, and we encourage our Specialists to continue their own education and give back to the communities in which they live and work.  We are committed to our employees and the industry we serve.
Patient-First Our patient-first focus drives our commitment to quality.  We know that each case we see represents an animal who is counting on us to get it right. What we do each day is more than just a job, it’s a promise to our clients. We are proud to deliver on that promise.
Flexibility Now more than ever, we recognize that flexibility is important to maintaining balance between work and our everyday lives. We provide lab-based and remote employment opportunities that will fit your lifestyle and schedule, while still allowing you to stay connected and engaged with colleagues and clients.

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The future is bright.

Innovation requires not only investments in technology, but also investments in people. We are proud to support the next generation of Veterinary Pathologists through our PathConnexx externship programs, offering residents entering their 3rd year an opportunity to experience life as an IDEXX Pathologist. We offer PathConnexx in both North America and Europe, and have recently completed our first ever virtual program. If you're interested in participating in PathConnexx, reach out to our Talent Acquisition team.

Q&A with PathConnexx Alumni

Q: What was your favorite part about participating in PathConnexx? 
A: My favorite part of participating in PathConnexx was the people! During my time, I got to meet so many wonderful people who were patient, informative, and welcoming. They were open about working for IDEXX and more than willing to answer my questions both pathology-related and job-related. We had engaging conversations about diseases processes and life after residency.

Q: What was one thing about your PathConnexx Experience that surprised you? 
A: The ease of teamwork and communication really surprised me. With such a large pathology team, and members with numerous specialties, it was so easy to reach out for help on a case. And everyone was more than willing to give you a hand on a difficult or even silly case! In addition, your supervisors and managers were very open to hearing any concerns, suggestions, or questions.
Q: What was your favorite part about participating in PathConnexx? 
A: The PathConnexx program I participated in was very well organized and gave a surprisingly thorough overview of the work as a pathologist at IDEXX. There was a lot of interaction with the pathologists on site and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and exchange expectations. Therefore, it was much more meaningful than any simple job interview could ever be (for both sides).

Q: If you had to offer one piece of advice to residents considering joining PathConnex in Europe, what would it be? 
 A: Should you consider a future in diagnostic pathology I can absolutely recommend attending PathConnexx Europe. As I would also always recommend thoroughly looking into any workplace that you wish to join as an employee.
Join our CaseConnexx Community  The IDEXX CaseConnexx blog is a community for veterinarians and veterinary students who are pursuing or have interest in advanced training in veterinary pathology, radiology and other veterinary specialties. Join to view interesting cases, participate in virtual learning opportunities and connect with peers!
Digital Cytology Did you know that IDEXX now offers digital cytology service? We know that in some cases every minute matters, and veterinarians rely on the information in front of them to make the best care decisions for their patients. As a leader in innovation, IDEXX is excited to be able to meet those needs with quality cytology interpretations within 2 hours.
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