Recruitment process
We understand that going through a new job application and interview process can sometimes be quite stressful and overwhelming.

Your success is our success. That's why we would love for you to be as informed and prepared as possible when starting the recruitment process with us.

We hope you find this information useful and helpful and we wish you the best of luck! 

Our Hiring Process

Finding the right position
Before committing to a role, we recommend doing a self-reflection on your interests, skills and values.

What are your main skills that you want to use and develop?
What are your interests that you want to incorporate into your professional life?
What is important for you in your new role and company?

Critically looking at your professional priorities will help you compare yourself to the roles that we offer.
However, don't be too harsh on yourself. If you see a role that you really like but you don't match a skill or two, we still encourage you to give it a shot - we might be able to support you in developing this part of your skillset!
Apply Online
The applying process is designed to make your experience as seamless as possible while providing all the necessary information to our recruiters.

Whether you have found us through our careers page, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor or any other platform, your online apply process and experience will not differ.

Phone/video screen
Once you have applied for a role and the recruiter identifies a match, they will reach out to you via email to schedule a phone or a video conversation with you.

During this call, the main focus will be on your hard skills and experience related to the position, culture fit, motivation, and practical matters.

You will hear the feedback from the recruiter after a couple of days, once this part of the interview process has been finalized with all the candidates.

If the phone/video screen was successful, you will be invited for a second conversation with the members of the team you have applied to.

This might be with one person or multiple people, and the purpose will be to dive deeper into your expertise and experience. This is also a great time to ask question related to the team.

A second round might be the last round for you, or there may be more. Depending on the business area, seniority of your position, availability of the interviewers and other factors, you might have one of two more additional interviews – similar to the one with the team, but with different colleagues. 

Making a decision
After all the conversations are finalized, the interview team gets together to share their feedback among each other, as well as with the recruiter.
It might take a couple of days for you to hear the final decision depending on how many other candidates are in the final interview stage. 

Nevertheless, your recruiter is here for you during this time to answer any outstanding questions that you might still have. 

Whether this interview was successful or not, you will hear the feedback after a couple of days, once this part of the interview process has been finalized with all the candidates.
Interview Tips
We would like for you to see interviews as conversations where both parties are finding out new information about the other side. We understand that it's not totally natural to not see the interviewer – interviewee dynamic, but if you only try to imagine that you're only having a talk about your work experience and skills, that might already take some pressure off of it.
Stress might also put a cloud over your natural personality, and we want that to shine!
Do your homework
Having general information about our company and the industry, as well as knowing the role you applied for in-depth, will make this process easier for you.
Looking at our website, latest press releases or events that we recently held will give you a better picture about what it is that we do. This will also show your genuine interest in IDEXX and will help break the ice in the beginning.

As mentioned earlier, an interview is not only for us to learn about you, but also for you to learn as much as you can about us. 
It is common that at the end of the interviews you will be asked whether you have any questions. With these questions you may dive deeper to finding out for yourself whether the position, company, and/or team is as good of a fit as you expected. Make sure to prepare some.

What to expect
Behavioral questions will be asked in the interviews on top of questions exploring your hard skills. 

What that means is that the questions will be focused on what kind of behaviors you presented in certain situations that are important and relevant to the position that you’ve applied for. Research shows that past behaviors often predict future actions, which is why we find these answers valuable.

How can you prepare for this? Think about scenarios from your current/past roles that are quite common and important to this position being successful, and brainstorm on how you can describe these situations as clearly as possible, with as much detail as possible, so it fully and truly reflects on your skills. 

When needed, allow silence. It’s understandable that with some questions you might need more time to think about your answer. 

Practical Interview Tips

In-person Interview
IDEXX is business-casual, feel free to follow this dress code.

Make sure you know the location of the meeting, parking options, as well as how long the route takes. Give yourself extra time to make sure you are at the location 5–10 minutes early.

Interview panel
Make sure you know who to ask for at the reception when coming to the location.

Ask for a short break in case you start feeling overwhelmed/need a bio break.
Virtual Interview
Download the technology before the interview and make sure you’re familiar with it. In case of any issues, reach out to the Recruiter/your Point of Contact. If the connection starts buffering, try turning off your video.


Keep the schedule of the interview at hand – so you know who you are meeting at what time.

Make sure your surroundings and background are quiet. Feel free to use virtual background.

Ask for a short break in case you start feeling overwhelmed/need a bio break.
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