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IDEXX is a member of the S&P 500, a company built on passion and drive, and is the fastest-growing animal diagnostic provider, with 10,000+ employees all over the world. Our business grew 12% in 2020 alone, and we expect to see continued growth in the future, which we recognize would not be possible without the pivotal role our Sales teams play. 

Our Sales professionals develop deep and meaningful relationships while offering solutions to meet our customers' unique needs. Their dedication and expertise make our clients' lives easier and their practices run smoother. (And our Field Sales team members are rewarded with uncapped commissions.)

Whether you are working with our veterinary customers to get the most effective devices and systems set up in their practices, or as part of our BioAnalytics team who help further life sciences research efforts, or on our Water team partnering with treatment facilities, there's something for everyone, and it's all in service of something bigger than ourselves.

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Field Sales
Field Sales at IDEXX come in many forms; Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant or Specialist supporting our customers in companion animal and livestock or a Sales Consultant working with municipalities for our water division or research organizations for bioanalytics.

In all of these roles there is one constant - you are on the front lines building strong relationships customers to help sell IDEXX’s medical device diagnostics portfolio of products and services.​​​​​​
Laboratory Key Account
Our Laboratory Key Account Managers
(L-KAM), are responsible for leading and managing activities by going into Veterinary practices to promote IDEXX as their external reference laboratory provider.

Through relationship building, this team helps to identify and achieve new business opportunities (both on current IDEXX accounts and with new customers) while building rapport with a variety of stakeholders within each individual practice.

Corporate Account
Our veterinary customers are changing the way they do business and we're adapting to meet them where they need us. Our Corporate Account Managers are building and executing strategic and collaborative plans to support Corporate Veterinary Groups, the fastest growing segment within the full service veterinary market. 

Through frequent customer interactions, they are a thought partner and decision influencer to assigned group of Corporate and Strategic Accounts. 
Inside Sales
We have a variety of Inside Sales roles. Some of our Inside Sales team members provide critical services to our customer base by receiving and processing inbound orders for diagnostic kits and instrument consumables, and making recommendations on new products. Others partner internally to create and execute targeted sales approaches.

All of our Inside Sales teams communicate the value of IDEXX products, drive revenue growth, and inspire loyalty among customers through their world class phone service.   
Area Sales
An IDEXX Area Sales Manager is a key member to our sales team and their success.
While leveraging their experience and business instinct, they are able to create strategic plans to increase both the impact and the reach within their region. 
Through clear communication and constant collaboration, they develop their sales team to meet both each individual and professional goals, garner support for initiatives from internal partners, and share with their peers and leadership about market trends.

Discover the industries we're in

Companion Animal Group
IDEXX is built on 30+ years of diagnostic innovation for healthier pets and happier pet owners, in our Companion Animal Group (CAG) division. CAG Sales roles mean partnering with and selling devices and diagnostic solutions to veterinarians.

Working in CAG helps pet owners worldwide keep their companion animals healthy and happy.
Livestock, Poultry and Dairy
Livestock, Poultry and Dairy (LPD) at IDEXX means providing diagnostic tests and services to monitor the health of herd and flock animals worldwide. In LPD Sales, you sell B2B within the farming industry, even partnering with the US FDA or similar organizations. (Many of our LPD team members have Doctorates in Veterinary Medicine - they're truly experts in the field.)

Your work in LPD would help us continue to protect livestock and poultry from disease.
A Sales role in our Water division means working with water treatment plants, municipalities, and other industry players to provide treatment and quality testing solutions.

Your work in Water would support us in continually ensuring safe drinking water for billions of people.
In a Sales job in our BioAnalytics division, you maintain and grow the animal health monitoring lab business, as well as expand the preclinical research and biologic material testing services segments of the business.

We partner with Pharma, Biotech, and Academia (the scientific community) in this space, furthering industry innovation every day.

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Benefits of working at IDEXX

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Global Expansion

We're changing the way we do sales at IDEXX. As a result, all across the world, our teams are expanding and adapting - becoming even more purposeful, efficient, consultative, and collaborative. 

We're focused on growing our sales teams across Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, N. America, and S. America, within all our lines of business to be able to deliver the service and quality our customers have come to expect from IDEXX. 

There's never been a better time to join.

The Energy at IDEXX

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We have a variety of communities at all of our worldwide locations. Whether it's music, art, games, social engagement, or volunteering days, there's plenty to do and a place that will fit you!
While there are thousands of IDEXXers around the globe, we are united by purposeful work. Whether we are giving pets a voice, testing drinking water for billions, or ensuring the health of poultry and livestock, we rally around work that matters. And our Sales teams are key to the growth, reach, and success of all the work that we do.

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