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At IDEXX, everything we do is in service of something bigger than ourselves. Whether that is ensuring healthier herds and pets, or safer drinking water. What we do matters – we all make a difference by enhancing the health and well-being of pets, people, and livestock. That also means we're bringing Software Solutions that allow businesses to focus on what matters to them.

Whatever your passion is for development, we have a home for you. Our applications run our diagnostic devices, connect doctors to our reference labs to get real time results, support our employees with cutting edge enterprise applications, build AI for imaging applications to allow doctors around the world to read cases, building and support of ecommerce site for our customers, and many more.

Our teams have the freedom to select the best platforms and technologies that will work for their products. This means you get to stay ahead of the innovation and technology curve while ensuring to deliver the best experience for our customers.

Hear IDEXXers talk about their roles

Natallia, Performance Testing Engineer

I work on one product – Animana (a cloud-based system for veterinary clinics) and I’m much closer to our customers and their needs, compared to when I was working in the service industry and was being assigned to projects. The clinic where my cat is treated also uses Animana and that makes me proud every time I visit the clinic and hear positive feedback! 
Eric, Product Manager

Working in the Veterinary Software & Services product group, I am the Product Manager of Mobile, but there are other product managers who work in VetConnect PLUS on the website, result services, the reliability and stability of the platform, and also on the marketing. We are a tight team who really helps each other to coordinate the VetConnect PLUS strategy, make sure that our teams are working well together, and that we are all aiming for the goals in the future that are going to make our platform stellar.
Erica, Scrum Master

We can teach anybody how to adhere to the Scrum process or framework or to teach them about Kanban. What we can't necessarily teach is how to read people, and how to create those relationships, and have hard conversations.
So I think that people who are interested in being a Scrum Master, it's important to know that there are hard conversations, and there are relationships to be built, and those are the keys to being sucessful as a Scrum Master.

A few types of roles we look for

Software Developer
​​​​​We have different development teams for each of our products. For example, being a Software Developer as part of the Features squad in the Animana team means working on technical design and implementation of user stories, which also includes refactoring and fixing defects. This could be providing new categories for financial reporting, enhancing data quality in application for our new contacts or improving our public API. In this team, developers use common Spring family (MVC, BOOT) for Backend, Angular 11 for Frontend, and Serenity BDD for automation tests with Jenkins as the CI buddy. That doesn’t mean working on them at the same time but rather it depends on story, sprint or both. 
Application Developer
Application developers, for example in our Diagnostic Imaging team within the Veterinary Software and Services, store and analyze millions of diagnostic images from a plethora of modalities. Our management greatly values innovation, and as a result, we get to work with latest and greatest tech using Java, JavaScript, Python, machine learning, and a variety of cloud providers.
DevOps Engineer
Our DevOps Engineers work with the individual software teams to produce and deliver their products and services into the hands of our customers. The DevOps discipline strives to accomplish that mission by working within our software development teams to eliminate bottlenecks in the delivery pipelines of their products and services. They also ensure that our customers’ data is secure, and that the services they need to do business are built with resilience and highly availability in mind. They leverage technologies such as Docker, and cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.
Product Manager
Considering the number of products that we offer to our customers, we also have a number of Product Managers. Even though their day-to-day differs, usually, they spend a lot of time with the software development team (developers, designers, testers, project managers), working through all the details of actually getting a product built and ready to share with customers. Depending on the stage of the product, they also communicate with leaders from the major functions that support our products (Customer & Technical Support, Regional Marketing, BrandComm, etc.). Our Product Managers and their teams are spread across the world.

IDEXX Analyst Community

This community was born out of a natural curiosity. The co-founders worked on two other ends of our organization, Ken as a Senior Business Systems Analyst and Kimberly as an IT Manager. They did similar things, but didn't really know what the other side did. When they got together, they asked each other these questions and kicked-off the conversation that started this community.

Roughly 9% of the entire IDEXX global workforce is associated with the Analyst Community. These members are not only employees with the word "Analyst" in their title, we have about 192 different job titles in this group.

Watch the video to learn more!
"There are not a whole lot of places you could work in technology that spans the gamut like IDEXX does with its portfolio of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) information management systems, and all the way to its vast array of Internet-of-Things (IoT) connected Diagnostic Devices.

I came to IDEXX because of the stellar reputation we have in our community, and the technologies being used was ones that I wanted to work more with."
DevOps Engineer
Veterinary Software & Services
The right veterinary software is critical to operations, clinical outcomes, client relationships, and more. IDEXX offers the software and services—and partnerships—that practices of all types and sizes need to succeed.

Dedicated, proactive support and training, plus unmatched integration, have made us an AAHA Preferred Provider of veterinary software—and the choice of more than 125,000 veterinary professionals.
IDEXX acquires ezyVet
Earlier this year we expanded our world-class cloud software offerings that support customers with technology solutions that raise the standard of care for patients, improve practice efficiency, and enable more effective communication with pet owners. 

“ezyVet is a truly impressive cloud-native software solution that continues to transform the industry and the software experience for veterinary practitioners. Their growth has been very strong, but the true testament to what they’ve created is their industry-leading customer satisfaction,” said Jay Mazelsky, IDEXX President and Chief Executive Officer.
2020 Boston CIO of the Year award for Healthcare Winner!
Our very own Ken Grady won the 2020 Boston CIO of the Year ORBIE award for Healthcare!

“This is recognition for the entire team at IDEXX and IT,” Ken tweeted upon learning about the award. “I work with smart, passionate folks aligned in purpose and focus with curiosity and a shared mission of improving the health and welfare of people and animals. It shows through every day.”

The benefits of working at IDEXX

Benefits Eligible
Day 1
Wellness Programs
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GiVE Program
2 days a year paid volunteer time

Continuing Education

When you join IDEXX, you will find yourself in a challenging and exciting environment where you are given the opportunity to be yourself, innovate, and grow. We support autonomy in our peoples' work, which is also shown in the flexibility of the technologies and platforms that our teams can choose working with. Our teams are filled with people who are proud of the work they do and are motivated by their unified purpose of helping others. You will work with people who are inspiring, open, and the best in their operating space.​​​​​​​

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