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ACVR Consensus Statement

ACVR and ECVDI consensus statement for teleradiology


Diagnostic validation of vertebral heart score machine learning algorithm for canine lateral chest radiographs

AVMA Publication

Vertebral heart size and vertebral left atrial size reference ranges in healthy Miniature Schnauzers

Our IDEXX team has kicked off the year with multiple speaking and teaching engagements. We started off January at VMX, with Dr. Kate Sippel (DVM, DACVR) speaking with fellow IDEXXer Dr. Bill Saxson (DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC) about interesting imaging and internal medicine cases. Dr. Connie DeHaan (DVM, DACVR) joined Dr. Saxson for a similar talk at WVC in February. In addition to the talk from Dr. DeHaan and Dr. Saxson, Dr.s Beth Ballegeer (DVM, DACVR) and Elodie Huguet (DVM, DACVR) - seen in photo - assisted in teaching an ultrasound wet lab at WVC. Also in February, Dr. Sippel hosted continuing education talks for the Southeast Michigan Veterinary Medical Association.
Often on the go, Dr. Huguet traveled to lecture and teach in Finland, Norway, and New Zealand in the early months of this year. With a passion for teaching ultrasound, you’ll find her as a frequent instructor for the Viticus Group ultrasound courses.

As part of our ongoing commitment to assist in the education of radiology residents, IDEXX team members Dr. Sippel and Dr. Don Thrall (DVM, DACVR) hosted ECVDI RIVDI in the month of March. Dr. Stijn Hauspie (DVM, PhD, DECVDI) will also be hosting a session in April.
From our Cardiology team, Dr. Jessica Solomon (DVM, DACVIM-Cardiology) was invited to participate in the ECVDI AI panel discussion, where she talked about the assistive VHS and VLAS tools that IDEXX has created; you can check out the peer-reviewed paper about the VHS tool here
Our Cardiology team was excited to publish the first breed-specific VHS/VLAS paper for Miniature Schnauzer. Big congratulations to IDEXXers Dr. Solomon, Dr. Nicole Piscitelli (DVM, DACVIM-Cardiology), and Dr. Reid Nakamura (DVM, DACVECC, DACVIM-Cardiology), and Donald Szlosek (MPH), as well as their co-collaborator, Dr. Lisa Murphy (DVM, DACEVCC).
In addition to her speaking engagements, Dr. DeHaan also served as the second author of the ACVR and ECVDI consensus statement for teleradiology.

IDEXX is proud to help support continuing education and scientific research in the veterinary community and will be present at many more meetings and conferences to come this year. We hope to see you at a meeting or conference soon!
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