​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your U.S. Internship with IDEXX

​​​​​​​Internships at IDEXX
provide students an opportunity to supplement their education in many ways. Whether they are working with scientist to improve a diagnostic test, part of our software team coding for tomorrows customer platform, creating a marketing plan for a new territory based on research and data, or in HR to improve our employees experiences, our interns are working on real projects that are part of IDEXX's growth strategy.  This real-world, hands on approach at the Global Headquarters of a public company will give students exposure to seeing a project through, beginning to end, presenting to leadership, collaborating with teams (sometimes globally), and prepare them for their careers after graduation.

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Our former interns share their experiences
Ian M., Data Analytics
​​Suffolk University
"The exposure I have had to learning new technologies, developing my programming skills, and interacting with people from all lines of business has been an amazing experience. Not only have I been able to learn more about development,  I've also had opportunities to work with people in labs, finance, marketing, and other areas of IT. My department made me feel like a true member of the team by including me in the IT Global Summit, IT All Hands Quarterly Meetings, and various team outings."
Vishvesh B., Cyber Security
​​Northeastern University
"IDEXX gave me my first industry experience in the US, offering exciting and challenging opportunities. I was encouraged to participate in decision-making, to work at my own pace, and to experiment with new approaches and techniques. The internship not only helped me gain technical knowledge, but also in acquiring soft skills and identifying areas for improvements. Along with the work environment, the natural beauty of Maine was a plus for me."

Internship Q & A

​​​​​​​Is the IDEXX internship program competitive? The IDEXX internship program is a robust and well-structured program that offers a high-quality learning experience in the biotechnology industry.  As a result, we do receive a high volume of applicants.​​​​​​​
When will internships be posted? We begin posting internship opportunities as early as December and continue to post throughout the year as positions become available. 
When is the summer internship program? The summer program runs mid-May through mid-August. However, we do sometimes offer intern or co-op positions off season as well.
Will I be paid? If so, how much? Absolutely! All of our internships pay competitive rates.
​​​​​​​Will I work fulltime hours? Most interns work 40 hours per week during the summer.

What is the application process? Most of our opportunities are posted between December and March. We encourage you to submit an online application as soon as you see an internship opportunity that’s of interest and for which you feel qualified. You can apply for multiple positions; each one is a new opportunity.​​​​​​​
What should I include in my application package? The more complete your application packet is, the better. Include a professional resume at a minimum, but letters of recommendation, college transcripts, GPA, and cover letter are all helpful.
I have applied but haven't been contacted. Do I need to reapply? Due to the significant number of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to all applications. You will receive a confirmation email upon the submission of your application; however, you will only be contacted further if you are selected for an interview.