Veterinary Software
At IDEXX, everything we do is in service of something bigger than ourselves. Whether that is ensuring healthier herds and pets, or helping provide safer drinking water. We also make a difference by providing exceptional software solutions to the customers we serve. Great software means our customers can focus on what matters to them – delivering care to their patients. Our software solutions connect veterinarians to our diagnostics solutions to order tests or get real-time results, they power the business through deeply integrated practice management solutions, leverage the power of AI for imaging applications or transcription or clinical decision support. Hundreds of thousands of clinicians use our software every day to perform business-critical and patient-critical activities. 
Come build with us. There are not a lot of software roles where you get to have an impact on millions of pets around the world, make lives better for veterinary teams, and work side-by-side (or virtually) with such talented, invested people. 

Veterinary software portfolio

Explore IDEXX solutions for practice management, diagnostics,
payments, client engagement, and more!
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Software that does it all: ezyVet helps vets save time, grow their business, and deliver excellence in all aspects of veterinary care.
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Everything a vet needs to connect with their clients—all in one place. It streamlines the ways they engage with pet owners with a single experience built for IDEXX practice management software.
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Brilliantly simple veterinary cloud software that’s easy to implement, learn, and use. Vets save time by completing tasks up to 5X faster.
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Highly versatile server-based software. Cornerstone software helps practices of all sizes deliver exceptional care.
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VetConnect PLUS
The go-to diagnostic resource for fast, effective clinical decision-making. 
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IDEXX DecisionIQ
Patient-specific interpretive assistance and next-step considerations alongside diagnostic results.
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Simplifying vet's communications between a specialty/emergency care practice and referring veterinarians.
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Vet Radar
Built to help veterinary practices strengthen their clinical processes and deliver a better standard of care.
The Veterinary Software team operates out of 5 key offices, and also  offers virtual opportunities.
The main locations are: Auckland NZ, Frisco TX, Westbrook ME, London UK, and Hoofddorp NL.

Meet some members of the global Veterinary Software team

Clara - Intermediate Support Specialist
Location: UK
Eric - Product Manager
Location: US
VetConnect PLUS
Dan - Head of Customer Operations for Europe
Location: UK

Veterinary Software
Natallia - Software Testing Analyst
Location: The Netherlands
Chelsey - Field Success Manager
Location: US
Veterinary Software
Omar - Intermediate Data Engineer
Location: UK

A few types of roles we look for

Software Developer
​​​​​We have different development teams for each of our products. For example, being a Software Developer as part of the Features squad in the Animana team means working on technical design and implementation of user stories, which also includes refactoring and fixing defects. This could be providing new categories for financial reporting, enhancing data quality in application for our new contacts or improving our public API. In this team, developers use common Spring family (MVC, BOOT) for Backend, Angular 11 for Frontend, and Serenity BDD for automation tests with Jenkins as the CI buddy. That doesn’t mean working on them at the same time but rather it depends on story, sprint or both. 
Application Developer
Application developers, for example, in our Diagnostic Imaging team within the Veterinary Software, store and analyze millions of diagnostic images from a plethora of modalities. Our customers greatly values innovation, and as a result, we get to work with latest and greatest tech using Java, JavaScript, Python, machine learning, and a variety of cloud providers.
DevOps Engineer
Our DevOps Engineers work with the individual software teams to produce and deliver their products and services into the hands of our customers. The DevOps discipline strives to accomplish that mission by working within our software development teams to eliminate bottlenecks in the delivery pipelines of their products and services. They also ensure that our customers’ data is secure, and that the services they need to do business are built with resilience and highly availability in mind. They leverage technologies such as Docker, and cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.
Product Manager
As a Product Manager at IDEXX, you'll thrive in an agile environment, leading cross-functional teams through every stage of the product lifecycle. From strategic roadmap planning to data-driven insights and customer-centric design, you'll deliver unparalleled solutions. Collaborate with top-tier developers, designers, testers, and project managers to iterate and innovate continuously. Drive market research, integrate user feedback, and ensure seamless stakeholder communication to maintain our industry-leading standards. If you're driven by innovation, passionate about product excellence, and eager to make a meaningful impact, IDEXX is your platform for career growth.
UX Designer
Within IDEXX Veterinary Software we also have UX Designers, researchers and specialists. The UX team ensures our products are meeting the needs of the business, but importantly, the customer. We want to make sure our products are easy to use, solving problems in the industry and staying a head of our competitors. 
Implementation Specialist
Our Implementation and Field Support teams are responsible for onboarding new customers to our software products. There are several different roles within these teams. You may be based in an office or remotely, responsible for project managing the onboarding process, doing kick off meetings, liaising with the data conversion teams, and configuring the software site to the customers needs. Or, you may be based in the field, travelling from clinic to clinic, supporting them during their go-live week and training them on their new software. 
Customer Support Specialist
Our Customer Support Specialists tend to be specialized, they have a particular software product which is their area of expertise. Support are on the front line with our current customers, answering questions, troubleshooting and making sure our customers are getting the most out of our products. Within Support we have tiered specialists as well as Specialists with further specialization in areas such as Enterprise and Success. 
Sales Specialist
Our Sales team are responsible for selling our software products to veterinary clinics. Our sales team members are each assigned a region to focus on. Some travel to veterinary clinics to sell in person, where as some do this remotely or from an office. When you join the IDEXX Veterinary Software Sales Team, you'll be upskilled on all our core products so you're able to offer the most suited product to our customers. 

Veterinary Software updates

IDEXX Launches Vello™, an Innovative Pet Owner Engagement Software Solution, Streamlining How Practices and Clients Connect
In February 2024, announced the launch of Vello, a software solution that seamlessly connects veterinary practices and clients through modern, digital tools. As the only pet owner engagement solution purpose-built for IDEXX practice management software, Vello enables veterinary practices using ezyVet®, Neo®, and Cornerstone® software to communicate efficiently with pet owners in a single, easy-to-use system. With software-supported engagement across the life stages of a pet, pet owners become informed partners in care—supporting better health outcomes.
IDEXX acquires ezyVet
In 2021 we expanded our world-class cloud software offerings that support customers with technology solutions that raise the standard of care for patients, improve practice efficiency, and enable more effective communication with pet owners. 

“ezyVet is a truly impressive cloud-native software solution that continues to transform the industry and the software experience for veterinary practitioners. Their growth has been very strong, but the true testament to what they’ve created is their industry-leading customer satisfaction,” said Jay Mazelsky, IDEXX President and Chief Executive Officer.
IDEXX Veterinary Software at VMX 2024
We had such an amazing experience at the Veterinary Meeting and Expo 2024, meeting with thousands of veterinary professionals and representing IDEXX Veterinary Software. Watch the video from the event!


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I love that we are a purpose driven company and can feel good about the work that I do.
I also love that I'm able to maintain a healthy work/life balance!
Anne Software Usability Engineer, US
I moved to the Netherlands and wanted a job where I could develop in an international and multicultural environment, and be in contact with people, and I found IDEXX. My first and only job since I moved!
Margot EMEA Technical Trainer & Instructional Designer, NL
What keeps me engaged at IDEXX is the possibility of serving the people that serve pet owners. I joined the company to help practices have a better work life balance through the improved use of their Cornerstone software.
Steven Field Support Representative, US
At the time I joined the company, I didn't know anything about IDEXX. I moved to Maine in 2004 from Zambia, and I must admit that I didn't know a Maine existed. Nevertheless, within a short period of working at the company, I started discovering and learning about the culture, which made it easy to want to establish my roots here. All I can say is that it's been a wonderful journey. I have grown through the many changes and growths and look forward to see what the future holds!
Annie Administrative Assistant, US
There are not a whole lot of places you could work in technology that spans the gamut like IDEXX does with its portfolio of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) information management systems, and all the way to its vast array of Internet-of-Things (IoT) connected Diagnostic Devices. I came to IDEXX because of the stellar reputation we have in our community, and the technologies being used was ones that I wanted to work more with.
Ben DevOps Engineer, US
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