IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants is a global community of veterinary specialists who use their expertise to provide critical diagnostic information to customers, enabling veterinarians and pet owners to make the most informed decisions for the care of their animals.

Our veterinary specialists leverage innovative teleconsulting technology, 24/7/365 support, and the collective knowledge and expertise of our global team to provide outstanding patient care.

Across IDEXX, there is a vibrant energy that inspires caring and committed people to come together to advance the standard of care for the animals we love around the globe.

What Matters to IDEXX Telemedicine

We anticipate and discover the unmet needs of our customers, and we provide simple, intuitive products and services with the highest quality and the greatest customer benefit.

We seek inspiration internally and externally, and we have the flexibility and the vision to incorporate the best ideas and technologies from any source.
Enabling our specialists to provide their expertise is fundamental to our business model.

To do this, we provide:
  • 24/7/365 specialist support
  • In-depth training & onboarding
  • Mentors – medical partners providing support to Specialists
  • Managers – Leaders to help you on your IDEXX journey
  • Support Veterinarians – DVMs to assist with customer education
  • Access to online learning
We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, strict compliance with laws and regulations, and an understanding of our environmental responsibilities.

At IDEXX, community and doing the work that matters is the foundation of our culture. 

Through various promotions, the team was able to donate to Salvation Army and World Salvation Army to help provide meals over the holidays, as well as to make donations to Heifer International, Wings of Rescue, Mission Rabies, and Not One More Vet.

View our Corporate Responsibility Report.
We offer our specialists the flexibility to work how and where they want.

As a boarded or board-eligible specialist, you can be brought on to work full time or part-time, as an employee or a consultant. 

Since our customers are global, so are our telemedicine consultants, which offers our specialists the ability to work from anywhere.  Allowing ultimate ease in settling in your ideal location, or if you are more of a traveler and want to work in different locations throughout the year, you can do that too. 
Continuous Learning
IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants are passionate about advancing the care of animals. 

To do this we ensure we have a culture that encourages continuous learning.
We provide our employees with diverse opportunities to learn, contribute, and benefit, based on merit, results, and values. 

Whether it is educating future specialists, providing rounds for residents, speaking at a conference, or getting an(other) advanced degree, IDEXX supports and makes sure specialists have time, resources, and space to do this.
Team Work
We treat each other with trust, respect, and honesty, placing a high value on accessibility, collaboration, open communication, clear decision-making, and individual accountability.
Through diversity and inclusion efforts, we ensure our global workplaces are dynamic, supportive of all our employees, and representative of our customers and communities. These are essential drivers of our innovation and success. Our entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit is enhanced when many different people, perspectives, and backgrounds are aligned toward achieving IDEXX’s Purpose.
Feeling supported and a part of a team is essential to enjoying your life’s work.
IDEXX Wellbeing initiatives have offerings to help people live their best lives.
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance options to meet individual needs
  • Paid parental and maternity leave
  • Paid time off
  • Employee assistance programs to  help with mental, physical, and financial wellbeing
  • Continuing education allowance
  • Diverse career path opportunities
  • Matching 401(k) or country-specific retirement savings/pension plan
  • Pet insurance
  • Annual stock award for qualified employees
  • Volunteer paid time off days

Why choose IDEXX Telemedicine

What you can expect with us

Supporting Residency Programs
Our teams are empowered to support radiology residencies and university programs to help build the stong foundation that is needed for success. In 2021, our group of diagnostic imaging sponsored residents grew to 14 individuals, including our first resident in a program outside of North America!
Hosting virtual resident case rounds became a necessity during the pandemic and we continue to host open virtual case rounds several times a month in addition to the focused sessions with several universities. When our specialist’s mentor and guide residents, the enrichment and value of engagement is symbiotic.

*While IDEXX is currently providing diagnostic imaging residency sponsorship we do not accept applications or select the residents. Please visit VIRMP and ACVR websites to see current program information and details about applying.  
Innovative Technology
IDEXX has created a platform that allows veterinarians to work together with our specialists to deliver improved patient outcomes.  Leveraging our technology, our specialists can read cases from wherever they happen to be on a given day.  Our streamlined technology is focused on creating efficient workflows for customers and specialists.

In addition, we have recommended settings that takes into consideration ergonomics, lighting, visual and reading preferences. Our focus on innovation means we are constantly looking at new ways to improve our technology and platform.
Collaborating with Experts 
Our veterinary specialists are supporting our global customers for their patients' routine and challenging diagnostic questions, while collaborating on a precise clinical action plan.  

This requires us to have a team in place that can support cardiology, radiology, and specialty services like dental, exotics, and others. Our global teams collaborate within and across specialties to ensure the most accurate diagnostic reports.
Our Blog Community
The IDEXX CaseConnexx blog is a community for veterinarians and veterinary students who are pursuing or have an interest in advanced training in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging or Clinical and Anatomic Pathology.

​​​​​​​Join to view interesting cases, participate in virtual learning opportunities and connect with peers!

What our employees are saying

"The culture of the organization from management to radilogists is unwaveringly positive and supportive. I have been amazed how much I have learned from the cases that are discussed amongst the radiologists; it feels like a real community. After the Australian bushfires, IDEXX donated to organizations helping injured animals, which I was very grateful for."
Jane D.
"My journey with IDEXX started well before I was an employee.  First I was a veterinary practitioner using the in-house diagnostic equipment, then I became an IDEXX sponsored resident, and finally I became member of the telemedicine/teleradiology team in 2020. IDEXX is the third company that I’ve worked with/for in the veterinary community, and the first where I truly feel as though my opinions are heard, digested, and responded to. Our focus is to improve the care and wellbeing of our patients and help alleviate some of the diagnostic burden taken on by our clients on the front lines of veterinary medicine."
Jonathan P.
"Working remotely with IDEXX’s support has also opened new opportunities to me. My husband and I, alongside our two daughters, lived, worked, and went to school in Ecuador for one month in 2016. My retired father has developed a dedicated passion for rescuing dogs with Atlanta Lab Rescue (ALR) and IDEXX has 100% supported my volunteer work with this wonderful organization to oversee treatment management of heartworm positive rescue dogs. Our ability to provide a helpful service in this technology-driven modern world while pursuing work-life balance and outside interests is priceless."
Mandi K.

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