IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants is a global team of Veterinary Specialists who are passionate about what we do – because what we do matters. We use our expertise to provide critical diagnostic information to our customers, enabling clinicians and pet owners to make the most informed decisions for the care of their animals. Across IDEXX, there is a contagious energy that inspires caring and committed people to come together to advance the standard of care for the animals we love around the globe.

What Matters

We work as a collaborative team and are supported by a culture of innovation, enabling us to do our best work with 24/7 support.  We partner with universities and governing bodies, and we encourage our Specialists to continue their own education and give back to the communities in which they live and work.  We are committed to our employees and the industry we serve.
Our patient-first focus drives our commitment to quality.  We know that each case we see represents an animal who is counting on us to get it right. What we do each day is more than just a job, it’s a promise to our clients. We are proud to deliver on that promise.   
Optimal Flexibility
We provide remote employment opportunities that will fit your lifestyle and schedule.  Our flexible compensation plan lets you control how much you earn, while still offering work-life balance. This allows each Specialist to explore other professional passions and interests.

Why choose IDEXX Telemedicine


What you can expect with IDEXX Telemedicine

Collaborating with experts in their field 
Our Telemedicine Consultants are supporting our global customers for their patients' routine and challenging diagnostic questions, while collaborating on a precise clinical action plan.  

This requires us to have a team in place that can support
cardiology, radiology, and specialty services like dental, exotics, and others. Our global teams collaborate within and across specialties to ensure the most accurate diagnostic reports.
Supporting Residency Programs
To be successful in our careers today, it requires us to have a strong foundation.  At IDEXX, we are empowered to support radiology residencies and university programs. In 2020 we had 10 sponsored residents!

Our team also stepped up to provide virtual rounds for residents who were unable to attend their normal rounds at the start of the pandemic. These rounds were valuable learning experiences for our team and forged connections between residents – so much so that we are continuing to provide KCC rounds with several universities.
Shared responsibility to our community
Doing the work that matters is the foundation of our culture. ​​​​​​​Each IDEXXer has two paid GiVE Days to volunteer with non-profits in the communities where we live and work. Our peers inspire us by using their skills to mentor the next generation of STEM talent, help animals, and more.

Through a holiday case radiology reading promotion, we were able to donate to Salvation Army and World Salvation Army to help provide meals to those less fortunate over the holidays.  Through our ACVR case reading promotion, our team was also able to make sizeable donations to Heifer International, Wings of Rescue and Mission Rabies.

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